Born in Kfar-Saba, Israel, Yossi had a love for music from an early age, but it was on a trip to India—during a break from his pursuit of a degree in Industrial Engineering—that his deep passion for and commitment to music emerged.  He had brought his guitar to Varanasi, a mecca for great Indian musicians, and began studying sitar and Indian classical music with master sitarist Arvind Singh.  After several months of study, Yossi began applying his sitar studies to his guitar improvisation.  This led to a collaboration with his teacher and opportunities to perform Indian classical compositions with his teacher’s quartet (including sitar, tabla, and flute) at several festivals in the area. This was a life-changing experience and marked the beginning of Yossi’s journey in search of his own musical voice.

When Yossi returned to Israel, he began studying jazz guitar and classical piano.  The influence of both the American jazz and European classical repertoires began to emerge in his own playing and compositions.  In 2006, Yossi moved to New York to immerse himself further in his studies and the city’s jazz scene.

Once in New York, Yossi had deepened his studies on classical and jazz composition and continued focusing on guitar as his main instrument. Yossi cites a wide range of jazz influences, including bop and post-bop masters (from Charlie Parker to Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane) and guitar greats (from Charlie Christian to Jim Hall and Jimi Hendrix).   The list of European composers who influence his writing is long and includes Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Debussy, Ravel, and Stravinsky.

The richness and diversity of these many influences emerge as one unique musical voice in Yossi’s aptly-titled first CD release One Movement (c2013 Yossi Tamim Music) following a debut concert with his ensemble at one of New York’s revered concerts hall, The DiMenna Center For Classical Music.  He is deeply grateful to each of the gifted musicians who helped him bring this project to life and, as he continues writing, looks forward to the next steps on his musical journey.



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Yossi Tamim